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Evans, Naomi

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STREULI, Beat; Bruxelles 05/06

Bruxelles 05/06, with its impressive scale of 200 x 280cm, was first exhibited at Erna Hecey Gallery, Brussels, and has since been displayed at the Guggenheim Museum exhibition held at the National…

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EGGLESTON, William; Untitled

Tennessee-born William Eggleston, known as the 'father of colour photography', radically changed the way colour photography came to be seen as an art form. He worked with this medium from the mid…

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Nigel Cooke, To work is to play, 2008

Nigel Cooke is renowned for producing large-scale, meticulously realised paintings that depict fantastical, hyper-realistic scenes of urban decay. His work references a wide range of painting styles…

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EZAWA, Kota; Lennon Sontag Beuys

In 1998, contemporary artist Kota Ezawa stopped making films with ‘live’ actors and began working with computer animation. The ‘constructed-ness’ of animation, crystallised for Ezawa a means to…

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