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Indigenous women painters
Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

Indigenous women painters contribute significantly to the cultural life of Queensland. In the majestic Dibirdibi Country 2008, Kaiadilt artist Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori represents the site of Kabararrji, on Bentinck Island off the coast of Queensland in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Makarrki – King Alfred's Country 2008, a collaboration involving seven senior painters from Bentinck Island, shows the country of King Alfred, a senior Kaiadilt law man and leader at a time when the Kaiadilt population was uprooted from Bentinck and Sweers Islands to Mornington Island. Jolene Roughsey, a Lardil painter from Gununa, is a granddaughter of the well-known painter Dick Goobalathaldin Roughsey (1924–85). Her bold painting Headband 2005 is an interpretation of the distinctive headband worn by male dancers of her family group.