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Accession No. Title Date Creators Accession No.
2005.277 Sinners are eggheads, learn superb knowledge too much; do nothing, only records in their heads; take farangs' science bullshit to cheat Thais, fighting for high status. Their heads will be broken and their brains taken out, replaced with shit (from 'Infe 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.277
2005.279 Sinners are social workers, living off poor people's torments; making many projects to get money from abroad; soothing for a while, delaying social changes (poverty forever!). They will be wriggling on big thorn rocks painfully unto death (from 'Inferno' 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.279
2005.281 Sinners are fibbed devas, avatars from heaven, and taking advantage from this trick for their kin. Act as saints, illusively donating to people. They will be stoned from everywhere, suffering to death (from 'Inferno' series) 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.281
2005.282 Sinners are stingy land-owners who possess too much land, invade into reserved forests, destroy the whole nature. Their skin will be peeled out deeply down to the bones by sharp knives, they will walk with that ragged skin until death (from 'Inferno' ser 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.282
2005.284 Sinners are monks giving lottery numbers, propagating inhumanity, broadcasting ignorant subjects, telling people to lose their way, sinking into the worldly darkness. They will be kicked by marvellous feet until death (from 'Inferno' series) 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.284
2005.285 Sinners are judges deciding cases unjustifiably. They will tear and eat themselves to death, reborn again to suffer this until the end of their sins (from 'Inferno' series) 1991 SITTHIKET, Vasan 2005.285