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McDougall, Ruth

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POHIO, Nathan; Landfall of a spectre

Nathan Pohio’s Landfall of a spectre 2007 is based on a lenticular print in which two or more images are combined through a specialised lens to create the illusion of 3D animation. The work focuses on…

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KILLEEN, Richard; Don't forget the spider

In his influential book Art and Agency (1998), anthropologist Alfred Gell explores the ways in which complex and visually puzzling patterns have been used throughout the world to ward off evil.(1)…

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GYATSO, Gonkar; Angel

Over the past decade there has developed a growing international awareness of Tibetan contemporary art. A key figure is London-based artist and gallery director Gonkar Gyatso. Emerging in the mid…

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FOROUHAR, Parastou; Swanrider

Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar is increasingly heralded as an important new face in the fields of photography and installation art. Mobilising the ornamental motifs of Persian miniatures as well as…

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KIMGIMANI, Alexia; Au (sago pots)

The day we met Alexia Kimgimani, a group of older Aibom women were demonstrating a pottery firing for us. After two weeks of travelling along the Sepik River looking at carving and visiting men’s haus…

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