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Modern Japanese prints
Aug 2014 - Apr 2015

Showcasing over sixty works from the Gallery's collection of Japanese prints created after 1950, 'Hanga: Modern Japanese Prints' highlights the ongoing importance of the printmaking tradition in Japan, where artists continue to draw from centuries-old techniques and imagery, while innovating and experimenting with new forms and technologies. It features works by leading proponents of the sosaku-hanga (creative print) movement, Kiyoshi Saito and Kawano Kauro, who developed processes that diverged from the ukiyo-e and later shin-hanga (new print) traditions, as well as artists who found fresh ways to reconfigure traditional imagery and modes of production. Experiments with abstraction and graphic design broadened the established minimalist palette to embrace bold colours and compositions in a range of internationally influenced styles. 'Hanga' also includes prints by Masami Teraoka, Lee Ufan, Ay-O, Tadanori Yokoo and Tōkō Shinoda, examples of practices that crossed genres and had great influence outside Japan.