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Picasso for kids
Jun 2008 - Sep 2008

A child looks into the camera, holding a handmade paper mask up to their face.

‘Make a Mask’ activity in ‘Yo Picasso Kids’, ‘Picasso & his Collection’ exhibition

Yo Picasso Kids includes two paintings by Picasso of his son Paulo, complemented by art-making activities that were developed to introduce children to the artist Picasso, his innovative ideas and his passion for collecting. Children are invited to enter Picasso's world of masquerade and make their own mask to wear and keep and create their own paper sculpture.

In the Contemporary Media Lounge young people are invited to sample contemporary media through live-streamed TV, music, videos, catalogues, journals and magazines from across Europe. Popular society and contemporary media offered inspiration for Picasso and the artists of his generation.

The 'I heart art history' program has been developed especially for secondary school students. Art historians, curators, artists and Gallery staff present illustrated presentations exploring key themes and works in the 'Picasso & his collection' exhibition.