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'Contemporary Australia: Women'
Apr 2012 - Jul 2012

'Contemporary Australia: Women' celebrates the diversity, energy and innovation of contemporary women artists working in this country today.

This exhibition acknowledges the strong history of work by women artists and recognises the ways that their critical, provocative, unexpected and illuminating contributions have reshaped, and continue to shape, the landscape of contemporary art. It features more than 70 new and recent works, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, textiles, video and performance by 33 artists and collectives, a total of 56 visual artists.

The exhibition also includes Embodied Acts, a program of performative works; the Children's Art Centre installation art work 'Fly Away Home' by Fiona Hall; and a film program curated by renowned Australian producer and critic Margaret Pomeranz, am.

'Contemporary Australia: Women' was on display at GOMA from 21 April to 22 July 2012. It included works on loan, as well as the Collection works listed below.


Amata painters (SA): senior artists, Tjampawa Katie Kawiny; Wawiriya Burton; Ruby Tjangawa Williamson; Iluwanti Ken; Tjungkara Ken; Paniny Mick | Rebecca Baumann (WA) | Lauren Brincat (NSW) | Brown Council (NSW): Frances Barrett; Kate Blackmore; Kelly Doley; Diana Smith | Kirsty Bruce (QLD) | Bindi Cole (VIC) | Agatha Gothe-Snape (NSW) | Marie Hagerty (NSW/ACT) | Fiona Hall (SA) | Natalya Hughes (NSW) | Ruth Hutchinson (VIC) | Deborah Kelly (NSW) | Justine Khamara (VIC) | Anastasia Klose (VIC) | Gabriella Mangano and Silvana Mangano (VIC) | Jennifer Mills (VIC) | Kate Mitchell (NSW) | Rose Nolan (VIC) | Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with Parachutes for Ladies (NSW): Hayley Forward; Jess Olivieri | Therese Ritchie (NT) | Sandra Selig (QLD) | Noël Skrzypczak (VIC) | Sally Smart (VIC) | Soda_Jerk (NSW): Dan Angeloro; Dominique Angeloro | Wakartu Cory Surprise (WA) | Hiromi Tango (QLD) | Monika Tichacek (NSW) | Jenny Watson (QLD) | Judy Watson (QLD) | Louise Weaver (VIC) | Justene Williams (NSW) | Gosia Wlodarczak (VIC) | Judith Wright (QLD)

Collection artworks featured in 'Contemporary Australia: Women'

Artwork Mingkiri Tjukurpa (Mice Dreaming) this artwork made of Synthetic polymer paint on linen, created in 2011-01-01

Mingkiri Tjukurpa (Mice Dreaming) 2011

Artwork Seven sisters and Tjala Tjukurpa (Honey Ant Dreaming) this artwork made of Synthetic polymer paint on linen, created in 2012-01-01

Seven sisters and Tjala Tjukurpa (Honey Ant Dreaming) 2012

Artwork Puli murpu (Mountain range) this artwork made of Synthetic polymer paint on linen, created in 2011-01-01

Puli murpu (Mountain range) 2011

Artwork Fly away home this artwork made of Bird nests courtesy of the Queensland Museum, paper, pencils, wallpaper, timber, medium density fibreboard, US dollars, glass, DVD (25:54 minutes, colour, sound), created in 2012-01-01

Fly away home 2012

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