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‘The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennial’
Sep 1999 - Jan 2000

Art works by more than 77 artists from 20 countries and regions were included in 'The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art' (APT3) around the central theme 'Beyond the Future'. The art covered a range of media including performance, sculpture, painting, installation, textile, video, new technology and photography. Artists were from Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, India, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia and, for the first time, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Niue, and Wallis and Futuna Islands.

APT3 included a strong emphasis on artists whose work crosses boundaries between past and future and between craft, tradition and contemporary art. Many of the works invited audience interaction while artistic collaborations across cultures and art forms featured strongly.

New components of the Triennial included the APT3 website and the Virtual Triennial presented in partnership with MAAP99-Multimedia Art Asia Pacific. The Screen Culture program included short films, video works and animation, and the APT Lounge provided a reading and research area for visitors.

FEATURE IMAGE: Cai Guo-Qiang’s Blue dragon & bridge crossing over the QAG Watermall during APT3 / Courtesy and © Cai Guo-Qiang / Photograph: QAGOMA 

ARTISTS: Ah XIAN | AQUILIZAN, Isabel and AQUILIZAN, Alfredo | ARELLANO, Agnes | BENNETT, Gordon | BRAHMA TIRTA SARI STUDIO and UTOPIA BATIK | CAI Guo Qiang | CASEY, Karen | CHEN Zhen | CHIK, Fatimah | CHOI Jae-Eun | CHRISTANTO, Dadang | DADI, Elizabeth and DADI, Iftikhar | DE ALWIS, Tissa | ELISION Contemporary Music Ensemble with DONO, Heri and WRIGHT, Judith | FELEO, Roberto | GILL, Simryn | GROVES, Helga | GUAN Wei | HAMMOND, Bill | HAN Myung-Ok | HARSHA, N.S. | HENG, Amanda | HSIA Yan | HUSSAIN, Rummana | IWAI, Shigeaki | JAARSMA, Mella | JAGAMARA, Michael Nelson | JOHNSON, Tim (with Karma Phuntsok, My Le Thi and Edward Johnson) | KAZI, Durriya and ALESWORTH, David | KIM Soo-Ja | KIM Young-Jin | KUSOLWONG, Surasi | LEE Mingwei | LEE Wen | LI Yongbin | MAESTRO, Lani MIYAJIMA, Tatsuo | MOELYONO | NAIR, Surendran | NAKAHASHI, Katsushige | NAKAMURA, Masato | NGUYEN Minh Thanh | NGUYEN Trung Tin | PAREKOWHAI, Michael | PHAOPHANIT, Vong | PHUNSOMBATLERT, Bundith | PURTANG, Lawrence and artists from New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea |QURESHI, Mohammad Imran | REDDY, Ravinder | SABADO, John Frank | SANG Ye and BARME, Geremie | SANJAYA, Tisna | SANPITAK, Pinaree | SARI, Ruth and Aketauka Sori Mama Group | SHI Yong | SHIEH, Wilson | SIKANDER, Shahzia | SONABAI | SONG, Norman | SUGIMOTO, Hiroshi |  TAHIONO ARTS COLLECTIVE | TAN Chin Kuan | S. TEDDY D. | TUFFERY, Michel and KAIKILEKOFE, Patrice | UNIMAS ARTISTS | UTARIT, Natee | VIRTUAL TRIENNIAL ONLINE: VU Thang | Jun-Jieh WANG | WASWAS, Daniel | WEERASINGHE, Jagath | Mali WU | XU Tan | YEE, I-Lann | YIN Xiuzhen | Zhang PEILI | XU Bing

Collection artworks featured in ‘The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennial’

Artwork has not been digitised or not available due to pending copyright clearence, thus not currently available online

Very very sweet medina (Home sweet home) (no. 1) 1999

Artwork Very very sweet medina (Home sweet home) (no. 2) this artwork made of Mixed media including wood, synthetic polymer paint on medium density fibreboard, glitter perspex, wheels, cassette tape, speakers, tube lights, fairy lights, stickers, folders, paper, created in 1999-01-01

Very very sweet medina (Home sweet home) (no. 2) 1999

Artwork After Mt Meru:  White tara, Shakyamuni, Mt Meru this artwork made of Synthetic polymer paint on linen, created in 1999-01-01

After Mt Meru: White tara, Shakyamuni, Mt Meru 1999

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