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International art

The Gallery's collection of works from Europe, Africa and North and South America includes early European paintings and works on paper, with an emphasis on the Northern Renaissance; British art from the late-18th to late-19th century, including Victorian and Edwardian painting; and modern European and American painting, sculpture, photography and prints from the late 19th century to the second half of the twentieth century. The contemporary international art collection reflects the increasingly fluid and porous nature of the contemporary art world. In tandem with the Australian and Asian collections, it facilitates collection displays that trace lines of influence and dialogue across different cultures and historical periods.

Artwork Oval dish this artwork made of Soft-paste porcelain with a wide apple green border of gilt vermicule and a roughly applied gilt border enclosing an extensive river landscape with a man fishing and watermill in polychrome enamels, created in 1785-01-01

Oval dish c.1787

Artwork Plate this artwork made of Soft-paste porcelain, lobed trefoil shape in bleu roi ground reserving a central circular shape and three kidney shapes painted with floral bunches.  Gilt scrolls, created in 1764-01-01

Plate 1764