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Judy Watson's tow row - a digital reality experience

QR code linking through to the tow row digital experience Take part in an immersive digital experience that animates and illuminates the significance of tow row 2016, the bronze fishing net sculpture by leading Queensland artist Judy Watson on permanent display at the entrance to GOMA.

The dynamic digital experience uncovers the meaning of the sculpture, as well as the rich history and culture surrounding the creation and use of these fishing nets by First Nations people.

Created by QAGOMA in collaboration with the artist and Queensland creative and technology agency ROMEO. Compatible with iPhone 7 or higher, iPad 6 or higher, Android 9.0 or higher

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Screen grab of interactive containing a map of works featured in QAGOMA's International Gallery

Digital layers tour

Based in the Australian and International Galleries in the Queensland Art Gallery, the Digital layers tour links some of the Gallery's digitisation work with physical objects. This will allow you to easily locate the relevant high resolution photography, image sliders, descriptions and interactive maps relating to select works in the Collection.

Initially featuring a handful of iconic objects, including Under the jacaranda 1903, and La Belle Hollandaise 1905, this will be expanded as our Digitisation program continues to provide many digital layers of content to accompany a visit to the Gallery.

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