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‘Isaac Walter Jenner: A Feeling for Light’
Sep 2023 - Jan 2024

Oil paintings installed on a sage-green gallery wall, with two young visitors looking on.

‘A Feeling for Light’ explored the evocative paintings of Isaac Walter Jenner (1836–1902), a self-taught marine and landscape painter. Following his arrival in Brisbane in 1883, Jenner spent the last two decades of his life as a major force in the city’s burgeoning cultural life, including as a founding member of the Queensland Art Society.

Alongside works on loan, ‘A Feeling for Light’ featured 27 works from QAGOMA’s Collection, including two paintings that underwent significant conservation treatment. Find out more in the special Collection Online feature.

‘Isaac Walter Jenner: A Feeling for Light’ was a free exhibition held in QAG’s Gallery 14 from 2 Sep 2023 to 28 Jan 2024.

Feature image: An installation view of ‘Isaac Walter Jenner: A Feeling for Light’, Gallery 14, QAG, September 2023 / Photograph: C Callistemon, QAGOMA

Collection artworks featured in ‘Isaac Walter Jenner: A Feeling for Light’

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