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‘The 4th Asia Pacific Triennial’
Sep 2002 - Jan 2003

'The 4th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art' (APT4 or APT2002) featured work by a core group of influential artists from the Asia Pacific region who challenged and shaped the course of contemporary art and modern culture over recent decades — Yayoi Kusama, Nam June Paik and Lee Ufan. These works were supplemented by a younger generation of artists who explored related ideas and themes.

Unlike earlier Triennials, which surveyed more than 70 artists each, APT4 focused on a substantial body of work by 16 artists and a performance collective. The exhibition occupied more than 80 per cent of the Queensland Art Gallery's display space, allowing each artist to be represented in depth.


ARTISTS: Montien BOONMA | Eugene CARCHESIO | Heri DONO | Joan GROUNDS | Ralph HOTERE | Yayoi KUSAMA | Ufan LEE | Jose LEGASPI | Michael Ming Hong LIN | Nalini MALANI | Nam June PAIK | PASIFIKA DIVAS | Lisa REIHANA | Michael RILEY | Dong SONG | Do-Ho SUH | Howard TAYLOR

FEATURE IMAGE: Heri Dono / Indonesia b.1960 / Glass vehicles 1995 / Glass, fibreglass, cloth, lamps, sable, iron, toy carriages / Purchased 2002. The Queensland Government's Gallery of Modern Art Acquisitions Fund / Collection: QAGOMA / © Heri Dono

Artworks featured in ‘The 4th Asia Pacific Triennial’

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